*REVIEW* St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot scrub

The product claims that it

  • Deeply exfoliates to reveal smooth skin
  • Deep cleans, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing
  • Instantly reveals skin’s natural radiance
  • Made with 100% natural exfoliants like walnut shell powder
  • High exfoliation scrub factor level
  • Hypoallergenic & Paraben free
  • Dermatologist tested & non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t block your pores)1.

And my take on the product

  • This is a great product *IF* you need it. I would not recommend this for people who don’t need it or who have tender skin, because it’s really rough in texture.
  • But for those that need something like this, that rough texture is all that you need to achieve healthy looking, glowy skin.
  • My favorite part is that it uses all natural ingredients, rather than those synthetic beads that are harmful to the environment. That’s better for your skin anyway. 🙂
  • St. Ives has a bunch of good products, and imo, they beat out a lot of the higher end products when it comes to caring for specific skin issues like acne or uneven skin tone.

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