For the love of perfumes😍

My love for perfumes has never been documented in my blog! So here it goes. 😁

I don’t know about you, but i feel like an outfit is incomplete without a perfume. I literally never leave home without spraying something on me. It started when i was very young, as my dad loves perfumes.

For anyone who knows me well, knows that the way to my heart is

  1. To give me Fooood ,perfumes &
  2. To wear a nice perfume 😉

Girls, you have no idea what you’re missing if you usually don’t wear perfumes and guys , you have no idea how much a girl likes a man to smell good.

I just love perfumes!!!

My current favorites are

Tom Ford –  Black Orchid

YSL – Black Opium and Mon Paris

Versace – Bright Crystal

My Burberry Blush

All time favorites 

Armani Code 😛


The only downside is that perfumes can be expensive and if you like trying new ones all the time, you cannot keep buying all of them!

Thankfully scentbird is a very affordable option..its all about smelling good without breaking the bank. You have no idea how big of an impression you can leave on someone just by smelling nice.

Thank you so much for the read . Comment down below your favorite perfumes 😍

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