Sunday Riley Good Genes ❤️

My love for this serum is real so so so real. Okay so lets get into the review.

This is a lactic acid serum that has been formulated to instantly give smooth, clear glowing skin. This is a pretty pricey product. I’ve done so so much research to find dupes. But Good Genes is such a uniquely powerful product. I believe that for skincare , you really do get what you pay for.It uses high quality ingredients – like purified, unneutralized lactic acid and surgical-grade filtered water. And when the active ingredients are blended with botanicals, the result is a potent formula that soothes the skin instead of irritating it.

By using lactic acid (a milder AHA) instead of glycolic acid, Good Genes reduces the chance of a skin reaction. That’s because lactic acid molecules are slightly larger, so they’re a little gentler on your skin.

While the lactic acid is one part of the formula, the other is the inclusion of soothing botanicals like aloe, prickly pear extract and cactus extract. At the same time you’re exfoliating, you’re also hydrating and soothing your skin. Sunday Riley chose these ingredients to create a truly universal serum—suitable even for dry/dehydrated, acne-prone and rosacea-prone skin types.

It instantly brightens skin while working to fade spots and soothe redness over time. It helps unclog pores, diminish fine lines and reduces texture on skin.

My skin feels firmer and plumper and I notice I don’t even need highlighter because this gives my skin a nice, natural glow.

Rating scale – This is freaking amazing . I would give this 10/10. If I could just get one skincare product if on a budget I would only get this.

Of course, skin like what I’m describing ain’t cheap. A 1oz bottle of this stuff is $105 and a 1.7oz bottle is $158. It’s a definite splurge, but one that is well worth it.

Avaiable at :

Sephora :Link here

Ulta :Link here

Bonus: The bottle makes a gorgeous addition to your vanity or countertop!

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