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Happy International Women’s Day! 😀

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing two skincare products from Paulas choice, one haircare product from Garnier and a nail polish by L.A Colors.

Garnier fructis sleek and shine


Gotta love great stuff at a low price. I’m a fan of products that multi-task, this is a anti frizz serum and shine spray in one. I used it the first time and my long hair was still atad dry. I then decided to use two full pumps on each half of my head and got extra smooth and silky hair ever since then. The key is to use it generously, especially with thicker and coarser hair. Awesome product and budget friendly.

Paulas choice RESIST Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner


I find this toner to be amazing after double cleansing my face and it just moisturizes and calms my skin so well. It is good for the winters as it tones and moisturizes my combination skin type. I also like the added antioxidants, and that its fragrance and alcohol free. I’m not sure that i will buy this again next time, but i will be certainly looking for something like this, and if i cant find it, i wont be sad about coming back to this toner.

RESIST Perfectly Balanced Cleanser


This is, quite honestly, one of my favorite skincare products I’ve ever used. Ever. This stuff is what I’d bring with me if I was going to be stuck on a desert island. No food? No shelter? No problem! I’ll be too busy washing my face!

In all seriousness, though, I love this cleanser. It is true that a cleanser isn’t the “be-all, end-all” of your skincare routine. It gets washed off, and the products you’re going to be leaving on your face (serum, moisturizer, etc.) are arguably a lot more important. That being said, when i tried to switch to a different cleanser, I definitely noticed a difference. My skin wasn’t as happy.

I really like the consistency. Straight from the pump, it’s creamy. It foams up nicely when you add water. And it’s strong enough to rinse away the day’s oil, makeup, and sunscreen without stripping your skin. Drier skin types may need a more hydrating cleanser, but people with combo skin (like me) will find that the Resist Perfectly Balanced Cleanser is true to its name – it leaves skin feeling balanced.

My skin isn’t irritated after I use this; it’s just refreshed. In fact, it almost seems to glow sometimes!

L.A. Colors Color Last Nail Polish

This legit gives a salon quality nails that won’t chip, peel or fade for up to 10 days!
The best part of these polishes is the price and a close second are the colors. It’s a bit sheer so it will take 2 semi heavy coats to get the opaque color or 3 thin coats. I only got 1 color, wisdom which is a deep Burgundy wine. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS and one of my favorite colors of the that I have, hands down the best Burgundy I’ve ever bought.

The formula seems nice and glides on extremely well, it’s not thick at all. My one issue which is a big issue is that the bristles on the brush are all distorted and cut at different lengths, leaving a very jagged finish near my cuticles, I was able to maneuver it with my right hand, but Being a righty I just couldn’t get the same finish with my left hand. So my right hand fingernails actually LOOK like they were done at home. To me anyways. I am a huge perfectionist, but it is a VERY hard brush to work with.

It’s also on the thick side so someone with thin nailbeds and nails may not enjoy it. I would only recommend it for the color selection and nice formula. Since it was so cheap I’ll probably buy another to see if mine just came from a bad batch. If not I will take out the brush, clean it, try to cut the bristles to line up and put it back in.

I am a nail polish’o’holic, self proclaimed. The most expensive bottle of polish I own is an O.P.I one that I really do not even remember how I got it. I am not rich, I typically will only spend up to $4.00 on a bottle of polish because it is not worth a small fortune for a cosmetic in my opinion.

Pros: Dries quickly
Gel polish feel
Wide brush
15 mL bottle
Excellent color choices

Cons: Cap is cube shape, making application a little challenging compared to a standard cap shape.
I suggest every polish addict to go and get a bottle of this product, and give it a try. (Now all they need to do is add a few holo polishes to the collection.)

That’s all for today 🙂


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