Dramatically different moisturizer indeed!!!

Clinique dramatically moisturizer

Liquid gold in my combo-skin opinion !! It’s just the right amount of hydration for my face for the day. I’ve never felt my skin feel THIS soft after applying a moisturizer. I have oily combo skin and it doesn’t add anything but healthy, light moisture. No oily feeling and no sitting on my skin for a long time like other moisturizers.


When applied at night, other moisturizers would leave me with a greasy mess in the morning, but with this I wake up with perfect soft, surprisingly fresh looking skin. A little goes a long way, so while it’s pricey and doesn’t look like much, it will last you longer than you think. The consistency is a mix between a light moisturizer and a gel, feels refreshing and my skin swiftly and happily soaks it up! I think this would be great for all skin types!

Available at

Sephora     :Link here

Ulta            :Link here

That’s all for today 🙂


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