Peripera Liptint

Lip tint from popular Korean cosmetics brand, Peripera.

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This tint smells delicious Reminds me of japanese candy, or fruit juices 😛


This tint has a very watery light weight.

Lasting Ability:

Definitely stays on for quite a while! I believe it can easily stay on for solid 6 hours, even if you drink water. If you eat, then I believe it has the potential to stay around 4 hours without having to retouch. At the end of the way, there is always going to be a slight on your lips, regardless of if you ate or not.


Stays on all day and doesn’t seem to dry out my lips. The color pigmentation isn’t the strongest, but i’m still very pleased with how the color turns out. It definitely isn’t sticky at all, and dries semi-matte as soon as you apply it on your lips.
You can use it as a blush, but I would recommend you mixing it with a primer as it dries very rapidly.

Can purchase from amazon —

-Pretty inexpensive
-Smells great
-Long Lasting
-Doesn’t dry out lips


-Emphasizes the fine lines of the lip
-Because for it’s water  consistency, if you spill it then bye bye L

One of my favorite lip tints, and it’s perfect for that korean gradient lip. Often compared to Benefit tints, which I can’t comment on because I haven’t tried the Benefit tints before. Definitely recommend it.

I think these little tints are pretty good value! They’re obviously really cute, they’re easy to take with you for touch ups and have a beautiful color range. They’re also the first tints I’ve come across that all have a different taste and scent for each color, which adds on that little extra touch to make them stand out. I am a little disappointed in the formula of some of the shades, they just are not uniform across the range which can be quite frustrating when one color is great and the other color is terrible. All in all they are not bad at all and would actually make great gifts since the packaging is so unique!

Available at

Yesstyle :Link here


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  1. You should try the other tints they have especially the Velvet or Most. Amazing staining power and ver moisturising!


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