Duft Face & Hand Wipes

Hi lovely ladies,

I will be reviewing Duft Face & Hand Wipes, they were kind enough to send me a few sample pieces for a quick review.

With the onset of winters, I make changes in my eating habits, CTM routine, make up etc but there is one thing which I use irrespective of the season and that is wet wipes. You will always find at-least two packets of wet wipes in my purse at any point of time. Yes the insane me carries two all the time. Today I shall be reviewing one of these.

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I quite liked these wet wipes. I was bored of using Kara wipes for a long time and these came as a refreshing change for me. They are small white colored paper like wipes . In summers specially when my face becomes too oily, they clean the face in one go and my skin feels soft . These wipes also clean all the dust which accumulates on my face while travelling specially. It does not have any oil control properties but neither does it claim to have so I should not be complaining. It has a subtle fragrance which I like . It hasn’t aggravated my current lesions nor has it given any newer eruptions on my sensitive skin

Alcohol and paraben free.
Has a subtle fragrance.
Cleans and refreshes the facial skin.
Nice pop of color in the packaging.

They are very Reasonable and easily available
Travel friendly packaging.

I have been using wet ones for years and it has always been the better product. I use it for everything, in the car when I am waiting in traffic I will clean the dash board with it, at work, I have it to clean my keyboard and computer and also telephone and table. It is a great product with many uses.

Totally love the wipes.

Thank you for the read guys … 🙂 😀


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