Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

This toner is a part of my daily routine! I redeemed this with my Sephora points and fell in love! Once I ran out I went straight to the sephora to purchase the full size bottle 😁😂

It has minimized my pores tremendously to the point where they’re none existent! I have replaced it with my exfoliator and my skin as never looked better! The results are in the name so get ready to glow!!!

Available at:

Sephora                   : Link here

Look Fantastic       : Link here


I was so skeptical at first due to having oily acne prone sensitive skin, but this product does not irritate it at all! It’s helped lighten dark marks over time and helps my skin immediately felt refreshed without being stripped.

I will say this is a bit too intense to be used everyday, I use it every 2-3 times a week, but besides this amazing! I highly recommend it to any skin type.

Keeps your skin looking healthy and clean.

This toner is powered by lactic and azelaic acid that balance skin tone and lighten dark spots.

Key Ingredients:

• Lactic Acid: a natural L (+) lactic acid produced by fermentation from sugar. This AHA is very gentle, as it has a very large molecule that stays on the surface of the skin.

• Azelaic Acid: a precursor that prevents the melanin production, promoting a balanced skin tone; it addresses uneven skin tone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter and more luminous appearance.

Key Benefits:

• Exfoliates dead skin

• Refines skin texture

• Promotes cellular renewal

• Brightens complexion

• Lightens dark spots

My current new favorite! 😍😍

Thank you for read lovelies,

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