Skincare routine guide to achieve clear skin

Always keep the face cleanser and moisturizer super basic and invest in good toners/exfoliants and Serums.

For a detailed explanation on all the steps and why do you need to follow please refer this blog post

Step 1: Face wash — Cerave Cleanser (twice a day minimum)

Step 2: Exfoliant — Peter thomas Roth Peel (2 -3 times a week when you don’t use the retinol serum)

For Anti aging best ingredient to look for is a retinol. But could make your skin a little dry so use it thrice(alternate days) a week. For starters try this
Step 3: Serum — Retinol Serum (thrice a week (Alternate days a week))

Serum – Niacinamide Serum (when you don’t apply the retinol serum)

Step 4: Moisturizer — Cerave Moisturizing lotion

Step 5: Sunscreen a must — La roche posay when outside please do reapply every one/two hours

Comment down below if you have any questions. Thank you so much for the read.

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