Hair Care Routine

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

It may seem like the obvious thing to do, but maybe what you didn’t know is that brushing keeps your hair tangle free and distributes its natural oils throughout the hair. This promotes healthy growth and shine.

Step 2: Wash and Condition Your Hair

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type and texture. Work out what’s best for you by seeing how your hair reacts to washing and hair care products, and develop a schedule from there. For instance:

  • Your hair is coarse/dry if it often feels brittle- this means you only need to wash it every second or third day.
  • Your hair is fine/oily if it feels greasy the day after you wash it- this means you need to wash it every other day.
  • Your hair is normal if you wash it one day and it’s not too greasy the next- this means you can get away with washing it twice weekly.

Shampoo Tips

  • Remember to shampoo in small, circular movements; don’t forget to target dirt collecting areas such as the nape of your neck.
  • Massaging your scalp will increase blood flow which encourages growth and will stimulate your hair’s natural oils (producing shiny locks).
  • Coarse/dry hair will benefit from hydrating shampoo.
  • Fine/oily hair should be washed with a clear shampoo (one that doesn’t look creamy).
  • Normal hair can use just about any type of shampoo- just remember to always use good quality products for the best results.

Conditioner Tips

  • Similar to body lotion for your skin, conditioner is moisturizer for your hair and will keep your strands hydrated and manageable.
  • For an even application use your hands and make sure you don’t apply the conditioner to the scalp.
  • If you’ve got coarse/dry hair try a hydrating conditioner and apply it from the mid portion of your hair length always.
  • For fine/oily hair use a lightweight conditioner (evenly distribute it from the mid-lengths to the ends).
  • For normal hair you can use just about any kind of conditioner.

Step 3: Brush Your Hair Again at Night

Brushing your hair again at night will help you to untangle any knots that made their way into your locks during the day.

Step 4: Secure Your Hair at Night

Securing your hair at night with a simple ponytail(no high pony) or plait will make sure your locks don’t get snagged or tangled as you sleep.

There you have it, a simple daily routine. It’s not hard to follow, it won’t have you spending all of your hard earned cash, and most importantly, it will get your hair in the best condition possible.

Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid washing hair with hot water. Hot water can actually strip your hair of protective oils that serve as a natural conditioner. By washing hair with lukewarm water you will prevent losing any natural shine from you hair and will avoid dull hair

Don’t use a comb when hair is wet. After you get out of the shower it can be tempting to run a brush through your hair, because it’s a fast way to get rid of tangles. However, a wide-tooth comb is the best way to remove any knots post showering but do it once the hair is 70% dry. A brush often snags and pulls your hair, causing it to break and become damaged, so use a comb and start at the bottom of your hair, working your way up.

Trim your hair regularly. Hair is prone to split ends and if you go long periods of time without cutting your hair, it can look damaged and unhealthy. Try to give your hair a trim every three months or so, and if you are really prone to split ends, trim your hair every six weeks.

Apply natural remedies to your hair. There are a lot of different hair products you can buy to improve the quality of your hair, but some of the best things for your hair can be found in the kitchen:

  • Olive oil: warm olive oil will help moisturize dry hair. Apply to your hair and let sit for 45 minutes, then shampoo and rinse.
  • Tea: unsweetened, brewed tea can bring shine to your hair as well as enhance your natural color. Rinse hair with a tea that corresponds to your natural color after rinsing out shampoo in a shower.
  • Coconut oil: this serves as a natural conditioner. Take heated coconut oil and apply to hair, letting it sit for thirty minutes. Then rinse with shampoo.
  • Castor Oil: Castor oil mixed with coconut oil or almond oil can be used as a deep conditioning mask once a week. It promotes hair growth and make your hair silky smooth.
  • Scrub your scalp: Make sure you scrub your scalp with a mixture of sugar and some oil(any sort). After oiling your hair take this mixture and massage it to your scalp. This removes the product buildup which we assume to be dandruff. Do this only once a week as doing it often might be a bit harsh to the scalp.
  • Dandruff: To get rid of dandruff gradually mix half a lemon in coconut oil and whip it with a spoon and then apply this mixture to the scalp and give it half an hour to settle and sink in. Then wash it off with shampoo. If this is followed religiously within a months time your scalp will be dandruff free.

Hair Fall: There are many reasons for the hair to fall out. Losing upto 100 strands per day is totally normal. Any thing more than that isn’t healthy.


  • Leaving hair unwashed for more than four days can be a reason. Keep your hair clean as dirty hair and scalp can clog the hair roots causing the hair to fall out.
  • Lack of nutrition: If your are low on Vitamin B(Biotin,Riboflavin) and Iron it can lead to hair fall. Make sure to include Vitamin B and Iron rich food in your diet. You can always take supplements for Vitamin B and take a Vitamin E or a cod liver oil supplement to nourish your hair from within.If you are planning to take supplements make sure you drink enough water.
  • Lack of moisture leads to brittle hair(dry lifeless hair) often prone to tangles thereby causing hair fall.
  • Seasons can also make your hair to fallout. Summer is the season the hair grows out. Causing the old mature hair to fall out. So, there is nothing to worry.
  • If you don’t have enough water everyday the skin and hair get dehydrated. Make sure to drink water in any form(2-3 liters) everyday.

Follow above  Hair Care Routine to get healthy, shiny hair.

If you any have any other questions leave your comments down below. I’ll get back to you with answers 🙂 😀

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