GET RID of Acne Whiteheads and Blackheads

Hello my beauties,

I’m here writing this post to help you get rid of acne ..whitehead..blackheads..


The best acne products are essential for adults suffering from bad skin. While some women are lucky enough to outgrow teen acne, the rest of us need help dealing with the recurring blemishes in our 20s. The best way to get rid of acne is to use products that are meant for it. For sooner results use products available in the market rather than using home remedies. Some of the best products available in Indian market are

Affordable : Biotique Bio myristica spot correcting anti acne face pack (Rs 200).

Expensive: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + acne treatment cream (Rs 1350).


Whiteheads are a form of acne that typically appears on the skin as small, round, white bumps. This type of acne is caused when skin oil secretions and dead skin cells clog the pore area and block the pore opening.

These are the easiest to get rid of. Using a face scrub three times a week can do wonders. Try steaming your face and then scrub.

Affordable : Himalaya Herbals Neem scrub (Rs 130).

Expensive : Khadi Almond and honey scrub (Rs 390).


Blackheads are a feature of acne, a common skin condition that involves lesions frequently referred to as pimples, spots, zits, whiteheads or blackheads.Blackheads are a specific kind of dark acne lesion, so-called because they contain oxidized melanin, the pigment made by skin cells called melanocytes.

Affordable: Garnier SKINACTIVE Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (Rs 150).

Expensive : Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub (Rs 1350).

All these are available in the market else you can try online retailers like amazon, nykaa etc.

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