Step 1:

Remove any old polish and soak feet for about 10 min in warm water. Try using epsom salt or your favorite bath oil.

Step 2:

Exfoliate, smooth away rough spots by using a sugar or salt scrub. Sugar is less abrasive. Massage each foot for 1-2 mins. Start at your feet and work towards the toes around your ankles and calves.

Step 3:

Trim and file nails.Trim straight across using a steel clipper made for toenails.This helps reduce ingrown toenails.

Step 4:

Massage your lower legs and feet with moisturizer using circular motions,pressing gently into your arch and knead with your knuckles. This will increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Step 5:

Use the polish remover to clean the nail bed and eliminate the moisturizer .

Step 6:

Apply a clean base coat polish. Follow with two coats of your favorite color.Begin above the cuticle in the center of your toe to cover the entire nail.Top it for with a clear topcoat and let it air dry for 15mins.

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