Real Techniques Brushes!

The Real Techniques Brushes are just the BEST brushes I’ve used (so far!). I own the Expert Face Brush (great for foundation), Contour Brush (for contouring, highlighting and blush), the Buffing Brush (multi tasker), Pointed Foundation brush and the Detailer Brush.

I got the Core Collectionwhich contains the Buffing Brush, the Contour brush, the Pointed Foundation brush and the Detailer brush. The set of 4 costs $18 and it is amazing quality for the price! The  brushes are dense and have soft bristles. I don’t particularly love the last 2 but the Buffing and Contour brush are absolutely fantastic!!


Brand Description –
– Detailer Brush : Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition

– Pointed Foundation Brush : Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

– Buffing Brush : Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

– Contour Brush : Delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish

– Panoramic Case : Dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go


Buffing Brush

The buffing brush is nice dense brush with a little fluffiness to it and because of this, it can be used for application as well as blending of products. I like using it with liquid foundation or after my entire makeup is done – just to buff all the products for a seamless, smooth finish. I think it would be great with powder foundation/mineral powders as well though I haven’t tried that, I’m more of a liquid foundation person. The bristles are soft and I just love how dense it is and yet it doesn’t ‘drink up’ the foundation like brushes do sometimes.  The handles are quite thick and feel nice and sturdy in the hands. MUST-HAVE  brush in my opinion!


Contour Brush

Another amazing brush for the face! It is soft, dense yet not rigid and has a dome shaped profile. Its great for cream products in particular and I love using this for cream blush and cream contour/bronzer. It works well with powders too but I like it a little more with liquids and creams. For powders especially very pigmented ones, I prefer using brushes that a little less dense and more fluffy so that they don’t pick up too much product. Because it has a dome shaped profile, its good for working in smaller areas too like highlighting cheekbones etc.


Pointed Foundation Brush

I don’t love this brush as much as the previous 2 but I still like using it for working in small areas. It has a flat tapered profile and I like using this for under eye concealer. It doesn’t feel as dense and soft as the other brushes which is why its not one of my favorites. I don’t know if its sold separately or just part of the Core Collection kit but if it is, I won’t recommend this.


Detailer Brush

This is just a regular small brush, good for working concealer into small areas or for lipstick application. I don’t use this often, only for lipstick sometimes. Its useful though. Just like the pointed foundation brush, this doesn’t feel as soft and dense as the first 2 I mentioned.

Expert Face Brush ($9.00)


Brand description : 

Great looks start with a flawless base.

The expert face brush is ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation:

– look pixel perfect even in harsh light

– ultra plush taklon bristles


This one is sold separately and this is a great brush for foundation! The bristles are very densely packed, feel soft against the skin and it works really well for liquid foundations. Its not perfectly rounded like the buffing brush, its slightly flattened at 2 ends giving it more elliptical profile. It does have a *slight* tendency to absorb product between the bristles because of its density, which I realized when I washed this one for the first time. Because its so dense, it also needs a little extra work to clean as the foundation tends to seep in near the ferrule where the bristles are most tightly bound. That said, its still an amazing AMAZING brush! Its gives a really nice finish to the skin and this has been my go-t0 foundation brush ever since I bought it! MUST-HAVE for liquid foundation friends like me!

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