One of the things I love switching up in fall, besides my lipsticks, are my nail polishes. I’ve been wearing some gorgeous, deeper shades recently and just had to share them with you all.


It’s been so long since I last wore a Bourjois nail polish. But being quite the fan of greys, I was so happy to have #44 ‘Grey To Meet you in my collection and most importantly, on my nails! I love the brush of this, as it fits onto my nail bed perfectly resulting in a speedy manicure at home! With the super high shine, gel finish you will hardly need much top coat too.

If you know me  hen you will know I was loving ORLY ‘Blend’ a month or so ago, and guess what? It’s still got it. That dusty, plum color has really caught my eye this season! I said it once, and I’ll say it again… ORLY is such an underrated brand!

I don’t know what is is with Revlon ‘Chic’ but it’s such a gorgeous petrol green that’s slightly creamy and pastel-y. It’s my alternative to wearing dark greens – I just don’t think they suit me. So this is definitely something in the mix which is so me.

Revlon ‘Vixen’ is a classic red which is always pulled out of my nail polish stash this time of year, especially around Christmas time. It’s that rouge noir shade which is a must have for everyone out there.

If there’s one color I seem to don no matter the season, it’s Maybelline’sBetter in Buff It’s such a muted beige which is perfect for the days you don’t know which color to wear or even if you don’t feel like wearing something bold 😉

What nail polishes have you been loving ?

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