The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

Have been using this range for a month now. And i think i have found my holy grail face wash and toner

Tea Tree Facial Wash

– Really helped clear my face, I now barely ever get breakouts.
– Really gentle on my skin although you can feel it working on your skin.
– Great smell, feels really natural
– I have full trust in The Body Shop

I have barely any cons except:
– Bit pricey
– I once used it on my eyes, and it reacted very badly. So KEEP  IT AWAY FROM EYES.

Tea Tree Clearing Toner


Apparently it doesn’t work for a lot of people, but for me it works perfectly. I have combo skin and I use this twice a day. I have used it twice a day for a month and I haven’t had one bump!
Tea tree works great on my skin, but sometimes tea tree products burn (maybe alcohol content) but this does not.
When the body shop is having one of their 50% off sales this is especially worth it.

Tea Tree Oil


I have to say when it comes to acne spot treatments, you really have to find the one that works for you yourself. I have tried few spot treatment products like Clean & Clear one with benzoyl peroxide, a few Neutrogena ones. I still swear by the clean & clear one. This tea tree oil is by far the best for me. Yes, it is pricer than many tea tree oils from other brands but it works. I put it on before bed and regular sized pimples will dry out in the morning. For those big and painful ones, it helps them to go away much faster. It is liquidy, surprisingly not oily consider it contains oil. I think I will keep repurchasing it.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

Perfect for super oily skin!4.I always find moisturizers (even they are meant for oily skin) not to sink into my skin.This is perfect and lightweight ,it keeps my skin balanced and healthy looking.Without parabens and SPF!I would buy it again!!

And that’s it guys, have you tried any of these products?

Thanks so much for reading!

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