Products I Regret Buying :(

I often find blogs can concentrate on reviewing products that they love. I have to admit this has been the same for me so far on my blog. I tend to pick things that I like to write about. However, I think that often we get more information from reviews of products that people don’t like simply because it will give us an insight into why the product didn’t work for that person and maybe make us more cautious of buying the product in the future.

Just a little disclaimer before I begin. This blog post is my honest opinion and the products mentioned are ones which didn’t work for me. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you and if you have tried them and loved them please comment below this post as this will also be helpful for other readers. This post is not being in any way offensive to the brands, its simply me telling my readers what I would not buy again.

So let’s jump right in

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser


I have very oily face, I purchased this product because on the package it says it would leave the skin clean without over-stripping. However, it turns out this product won’t clean my face thoroughly,and  what’s worse, it gives a tight and dry feeling afterwards. This is stuff is expensive .But i don’t see any improvement, it makes my skin worse, drier, tighter, and after few days pimples start appearing.

Cover Girl CG Smoothers BB Cream


I am not picky with bb creams at all, i understand that they are suppose to give you light coverage but this is bad really bad. I honestly feel like i am putting on lotion. IT DOES NOTHING. when i put it on it is very wet and feels really bad on my skin. The color range is bad too.

Sephora Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder

img_0746This powder does what it says, it is great for keeping my skin matte, setting makeup without looking cakey and doesn’t have a color of its own, so it doesn’t turn you white. However, if you don’t blend this well enough, this does not photograph well with flash!! The problem is, you cannot tell if you have blended it enough, unless you take a flash photo to check the flash back.
I also hate the packaging. Yes, I use less product, because I get too annoyed. I like to really work my setting powder into my pores with a beauty blender, and for my whole face I need more than the little amount that comes out each time. So very 2 seconds I have to close the container, turn it upside down, and open it again. Very annoying. Would not purchase again.

E.L.F. Studio Line Lip Primer & Plumper

img_0747The plumper side is lightly moisturizing and has a nice smooth texture & mild cinnamon scent, but does not actually seem to increase blood flow or do anything else to plump the lip. I’ve tried it several times on bare lips and over other products and can’t see or feel any difference at all. It’s just a small portion of a decent balm.

If you use the primer at all, I’d use it with an opaque, matte lip color, as its chalky color and texture would overpower anything sheer or glossy. I wore it with a semi-matte lipstick that usually wears off the instant I eat or drink anything, and after a couple hours, when I would usually reapply, I was surprised to find the color was still quite strong – unfortunately I had to reapply anyway because the primer had dried everything out to a flaky, cracked texture! One of the functions of a primer is to smooth out any uneven-ness, this did the opposite.

The Body Shop Seaweed mattifying moisture lotion SPF 15

img_0748TOTAL fail. This is not mattifying at all. It’s so NOT mattifying that I really wonder why in the world they would market it as such. I already have very oily skin, but this makes it so much worse, it’s unbearable. The smell is also really unpleasant.This moisturizer is absolutely terrible! It did absolutely nothing for my skin and left a gross residue afterwards, despite the fact I brought it brand new.

Revlon Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer SPF 20

img_0749This creased within the first 45 seconds after application. I used VERY little and tried using a concealer brush, a beauty blender and my ring finger but still came out horrible. So disappointed!So overall, the Revlon concealer did not work for me, too bad it was a waste of money.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Coverall Primer

img_0750This product does not fill in pores, minimize wrinkles, even skin tone, or brighten complexion. At first it feels like a thin lotion until you rub it into the skin where it feels like silicone. It feels like I just put water on my face! The smell of this product is horrible (like chemical or glue smell) and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. After about 2-3 hours my foundation started to separate. I’ve gave this product several attempts however, it does not work for me terrible product I do not recommend purchasing.

Experienced some beauty product fails of your own? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying :(

  1. I hate it when products don’t work as advertised it’s such a waste of the product, packaging, the consumers time and money 😡


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