Reviewing Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum

Hello beauties,

Today i will be reviewing a favorite serum of mine . I have been loving this serum and I’ve been using this for 3 months now.

I have oily, acne prone skin so I always hesitate about trying out a new product but this has been like liquid gold on my face. I cleanse my face, apply my toner, then use one pump of the truth serum all over my face and neck. Once it is absorbed –my face has a healthy glow! I follow up with my eye cream and moisturizer and my skin is nothing short of radiance. And I was not the only to notice the transformation in my skin, everyone started asking what I was doing and my response is Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum 🙂

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It really helps you get a brighter complexion and makes you glowy (in a good way), and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

I have also been patting it underneath my eyes for added moisture and haven’t experienced any skin sensitivities (and I have extremely sensitive eyes). Feels cool and refreshing it plumps and reduces the texture on the skin!

My skin just seems to drink it right up, and that’s what you want in a serum. You want something that has small molecules that is easy to absorb in the skin and then seal it in with an anti-aging moisturizer.

I find this product to be very soothing, it reduces the texture in my skin, it calms, and it hydrates and plumps up my face. My face feels instantly refreshed after applying.

I have also noticed that my face has a more even skin tone, and it has helped to reduce dark spots. My face just looks younger and more vibrant when I use it!

I’ve been using on my face and neck for four months now and I still have half of a 1.0 oz bottle, so a little goes a long way. It’s light and slippery, and easy to apply.

Final take :

Amazing! Hydrating, soothing, absorbs quickly to nourish, hydrate and makes my skin glow and look refreshed. Using this product has decreased my dark spots, reduced redness, and improved the texture in my skin. It’s softer, smoother and my skin is more plump. It is the perfect serum to use daily under my moisturizer to provide me with the added moisture I need”

Available at

Sephora                      :Link here

Ole Henriksen’s site :Link here

Thank you for the the read


2 thoughts on “Reviewing Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum

  1. Great post! I feel like we have similar skin! I got this serum in one of my subscription boxes and have been nervous to try it because I also have oily skin and super sensitive eyes. After reading your post, I’m encouraged to try it out!! 🙂

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