Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on two of the lip pencils, they are: Let’s go crazy and Cruella. If you’d like to learn more about these lipsticks then keep scrolling down!


I’ve always really liked NARS packaging. I know there’s a bit of controversy with it since the packaging can pick up dust and gets finger prints easily, but in my opinion all packaging gets dirty over time and unlike lots of other packaging – you can simply wipe off NARS products to get it looking like new again. In addition, I really like the simple and sleek packaging, it looks refined and elegant.


The formula of these lipsticks is what got me hooked on them in the first place. They are extremely moisturizing  on your lips but they have a matte finish, so they are perfect if you’re like me and struggle with dry lips. These lipsticks do apply thick and really coat your lips. Since they do apply so thick, you don’t need to build the color up at all – one swipe, and your lips will have the exact color you see on your lip pencil tube.



I found that these lipsticks do stay on for approx. 3-4 hours just depending on how much you’re drinking / eating throughout the day. Since these lipsticks don’t set, I found that simply pressing my lips together after drinking would fix any patches of lipstick that had transferred. At about the 4 hour mark, you’ll notice the color has faded and you’ll want to reapply just to get that bold pigmentation back again.


Admittedly, they are expensive at $27.00 (at Sephora)


These lipsticks are simply amazing and I couldn’t recommend them more! They are some of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear, they are super moisturizing, and the lip pencil shades are really beautiful. At $27.00, you may not be able to run out and purchase them all – but go to Sephora, find your perfect shade, and treat yo’self!

Thank you for the read!! 😀 🙂




















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Blogging has been my dream for quite some time. I have always wanted to write about my favourite beauty and skin care products and love recommending them to my friends and family. This will be an ideal platform to get my views across to so many people. I strongly believe that a women’s beauty is all within and makeup is just superficial. But, I also believe that a little makeup doesn’t hurt and it just means that you love yourself and want to put your best feet forward. Makeup does make a woman feel more beautiful and confident and isn’t that all we want. I have long been in denial and have always believed that I don’t really need makeup. But, the truth is that this world can be very overwhelming sometimes and we don’t really understand where to begin. And, thus we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. But, lately I have challenged myself to learn about this absolutely beautiful world of makeup and learn some techniques and understand products. Along with makeup, it’s also important to take care of our skin. Let’s face it, nobody is getting any younger. Its very important to take care and nourish our skin. If our skin is healthy, then only our makeup is going to look good and flawless.

So, come with me on this journey, where we together try to learn from each other. I promise, with each passing day you are just going to feel more beautiful.

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