October was such a great month! I moved to Michigan and did so much more. 😉

So, I will be reviewing a perfume which was sent over to me for a review. I initially didn’t like the perfume the first time i wore it. Then i realized that i mixed two perfumes that day as i always do 😀 , i guess they didn’t complement each other. Later i wore it alone and now i dig it!!!


This is not a average floral scent! I don’t typically like floral perfume but this scent is exactly what it is named, decadent. If you close your eyes and sniff this perfume you could almost picture yourself lost in a garden in the middle of a pine tree forest… This scent is woody, piney, spicy and sultry all in one… It’s a girly, yet fierce kinda perfume.

It’s a very sultry and rich scent so it’s just perfect for the colder month. If you want something smoky and woody then I say give this one a go.

Now let’s talk about this packaging! It’s beyond gorgeous!


I’m delighted to have received this product complimentary for review purposes.

Available at

Sephora     :Link here

Ulta            :Link here

Thank you for the read!!! Hope you come back soon!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “MARC JACOBS FRAGRANCES Decadence

  1. I love strong perfumes and my all time favourite is Coco by Chanel. Next comes Diorissima and currently I like Roberto Cavalli. Is this a strong perfume? If so, I will definitely pick it up the next time I’m at a Duty Free.

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    1. Hey i like strong perfumes as well… Coco Chanel is the way to go!!! But this one is not like really strong its somewhere in between. I think you should probably smell it first and then get one.. 😀 🙂


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