Garnier blackhead eliminating face scrub

I’ve always been such a huge fan of a good drugstore cleanser, but let’s be honest, those are rare to come by! Most of them leave my skin dry, tight, or break me out, bringing me back to those terrible teenage breakouts!

Well of all the cleansers out there, no matter what the price, this one seems to be a winner!

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The Garnier blackhead eliminating face scrub (…wow that’s a mouthful) is surprisingly good for the low price. After a long day, I typically have some oil build-up on my forehead an in my “t-zone,” so I usually go for oil free products that are designed to be used on oily skin. Most of the time these products tend to dry my skin out which results in small flakes of skin on the side of my nose. I have regularly been using a much pricier oil free face wash which does what I just described above (just not to the extent of others). I expected the same from the Garnier, but after many uses, typically use in the shower since it is easier/cleaner to wash the charcoal colored fluid down the drain, I am surprised to say I notice much less dry skin after use. The great thing about the Garnier as well is that it is not only a face cleanser, but it also doubles as a cleansing mask when left to dry. When used as a cleansing mask, this cleanser has a cooling feeling as it dries on your face that can get a little intense. After washing it off, this persisted for a couple minutes, but it was not unbearable. As an additional plus, the scent of the cleanser is also pleasant. Overall, I was pleased with the results from using this product, And my face is way less oily.  As both a cleanser and a mask, and would recommend it to friends and purchase it in the future. Will definitely continue to use.

Available at

Ulta              :Link here

Target          :Link here

Walmart     :Link here

Thank you so much for the read guys


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