Seriously Amazing Hair Serum!!!!

Hair can be so unruly. No matter what your hair texture or hair type is, you may find that you always have to smooth or tame flyway’s and frizz. While giving up heat styling and chemical processing can help, there are just some hair types that will always have a little bit of frizz to contend with. Enter hair smoothing serum, a genius silicone-based hair product (in our humble opinion) that has the power to de-tangle, smooth and tame the hair, resulting in silky, shiny and touchable strands.

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L’oreal elvive extraordinary oil

Since the day I tried this I have been obsessed and never worked without this in my kit. You need one to two drops for most hair types. A little goes such a long way. This is the first serum that I have ever seen that gives EXTREME glossy shine and is literally weightless. Makes hair super manageable .

Luckily this stuff came out! It’s a serum in spray form so all you have to do is push the pump down. It’s super easy to apply

It soaks into the hair nicely and it’s less difficult to over-apply than drops. I’ve never had it feel greasy but I’ve only used this a few times. I love the way it’s more like a perfume

Available at

Ulta             :Link here

Walmart    :Link here

Thank you influnster for sending this serum for a review.

Thank you so much for the read guys


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